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Identity Issue


June, 2008

Through the kitchen door, I saw this strange “fox”. Neither grey or red, I wondered if they cross bred. A chance conversation last weekend had me search for the photo I had taken. Coyote? I think so. There have been sightings just a few miles from here in recent years.

A short on-line research indicates that the resident groundhog is in jeopardy if he returns. Perhaps I will plant a garden next year.

August outside #2

Catching up post: 5th-10th


The rather ominous looking creature seems to be a fly of the tachinid type. They eat aphids and thrips and their larvae are parasitic on other pests. In seeking to identify it, I found an amazing number of flies that look like other things – bees and wasps, for example. Close up photos make them look very much like science fiction characters or rather, the characters seem to be modeled after flies!

Flowery spidery beauty and an update

Cleome – I first met this flower in my sister’s garden. Its prickly stems made me take a step back and only admire them there.   cleome

Fast forward to these fighting-the-deer-in-the-gardens years and a friend offered seedlings with the words, “The deer don’t eat them.” Suddenly spiny stems  were appealing and I gratefully planted them.

I love the airy beauty and amazingly complex flowers that bloom through the long summer and fall days. I love that they are at home here and freely reseed. I love seeing them from the swing and I smile as they glow pin and lavender and white in the ever changing light of day.


I’ve learned they have common names like Spider Flower, Spider Legs, or Grandfather’s Whiskers.

I thought I would include an update on the resident deer family who love fresh rain drenched hydrangea with tomato, pepper, and sunflower salad – they pick their own!





A good mama

She is such a good mama, I can tell by the way her children, twins, pay close attention.Twins  They scamper away when I come outside. deer And hide behind the tree while mama teaches them about blueberry foraging and the wonders of our yard.

deer Or they scamper and hide behind mama after a night of gluttony in the small vegetable garden, eating every tomato and pepper and munching the plants too, for salad.

Such a good mama to keep her children so well fed.



Annabelle and the deer


Working at the dining room table, it was as if I could feel the stare; I looked up and through the window.  That deer had been prowling the yard for days. I was a  bit concerned for there had been rain those days but all seemed well. Until now. I grabbed the camera and walked to the kitchen door, opened it and stepped out. There she stood, bold and bad; posing behind the remains of an Annabelle hydrangea as if to say, “Spray, spray, but I will find a way to feast where I please, so there!” All those stalks had held bloom buds. <sigh>