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Fast away the old year passes…

tree quilt

In many ways, I shall be glad to see the end of it, if only one had not got to carry the sadness of loss into the New. But so it is. Recently, someone expressed what I have often thought – “if only I knew it would be the last Christmas with _____” or dinner, or chat or card or letter…

As this New Year begins, my intent is to be more mindful of the hours and days and the time spent with others because one never knows when the last of something comes.

And, there will be more partings in the coming year I’m sure. An old friend is already clearing house and making plans to move many states away. The constant in life is change. How I longed for it when young, how I wish to hold on just a little longer now.

So, like every year I can remember, I’ll hold on to Christmas through its 12th day. Christmas tree

The intent to ‘keep Christmas in my heart all the year…’ will be an excellent resolution!


Happy New Year!



Merry Little Christmas!

Happy New Year! Blessed Epiphany Greetings!

Christmas Tree

Growing up, I loved Christmas music. Throughout the season I would search through the old records and play them over and over. This one lingers in my memory still. To me, this version of We Three Kings has a rich, mysterious and regal sound. The person who posted to Youtube has added some beautiful artwork to the page, if you care to linger there.

Magi once travelled far from their comfortable homes to seek, to gaze. I think about them each year, the seekers, the searchers, the brave adventurers, the courageous explorers. Their breed has not vanished from the earth, you know. They are among us still.

There is a stargazer inside me – one searching for The Star; longing to gaze into His face, His eyes.

However, I am a bit like this one – see him? Wise Men  Down on his knees, begging his camel to come along… I find it all too easy among all the festivities to become distracted by things that are to serve us, and to serve them. And not only that, but see how the others have become distracted too? Yah, I can lead others to distractions too. Then we miss the shining path through life.

This year, I want to follow our pastor’s encouragement to ‘step into my dark and look up for the star.’

star light

I want to find my way to the promise of grace, wonder, glory and great beauty in this New Year.

May  you find yours as well.Nativity scene

Several years ago, I read and interesting book by Brent Landau titled, Revelation of the Magi. This is a translation of an ancient Syriac document. It is a fascinating story of the Nativity told from the point of view of the Magi and told with great reverence. You might find it interesting.

We had the gift of a light snow today. The beauty offsets the bitter cold.

IMG_4713 It follows after evening and morning glorious of Monday which I simply must share.

evening & morning

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A Cheery New Year to You!

Happy snowguy

Snow came and went; cold came and stayed a while and on New Year’s Day, I began a long winter’s nap punctuated by great coughing fits. Eventually and gratefully, I did wake up and began the tasks of life again, packing away Christmas decor, sprucing up a bit for this winter season, engaging in everyday chores and being quite happy to do so!

One of the joys of the moment is the grand opening of a red amaryllis on my window sill to share with you.                  red amaryllis

New Light


New light, as if the New Year were waking and stirring life.

Although the world outside sleeps, the promise glows in the window.

Do you feel this newness stirring you? Oh, not with resolutions, but with new hope and vision and creativity waiting to burst forth. I’m always happy for these beautiful blooms to burst open in deep winter.

I’m letting the stirring happen and waiting to see what bursts forth in my life.

Looking back to go forward

Leafing through a book at the library the other day, I noted the idea of making a mini booklet to highlight an accomplishment or happy for each month of the previous year. My daughter does a photo re-cap of her year so I followed her lead and looked through my year of photographic memories. While not every month captured a major accomplishment, I was so pleased to put the year in perspective and realize how my word for last year – see – had been fulfilled in the things accomplished.

See, of course, is foundational to any New Year.


I’m keeping my camera handy.


Happy New Year

I’ve read some posts the last several years on choosing a word or words to frame the coming year. Recently I read the added suggestion of choosing a picture to focus your view. I’ve been pondering these thoughts and the words that seem to have chosen me are Fearless, Joy-filled, and Colorful. I liked the idea of a picture but had no idea of how a picture could represent this.

As I sat at the table this morning and gazed out into the early morning light I was astonished to see robins pecking away at the frozen birdbath. I smiled and thought, The perfect picture!


If you are interested in this concept please read Bonnie’s post http://www.faithbarista.com/2011/01/what-builds-your-confidence/


Star Light

Epiphany, a time of remembering those who followed a star, investing themselves in a

journey through the unknown; it is a perfect time for me to do the same as I start this

blogging adventure. My soul seems to carry written pages and walks my dreams with them.

I will be writing of my encounters along the way of this journey.