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The grand adventure – of the scallop!

warning – those of you with an aversion to shellfish and/or biology might want to skip this post!

An ordinary trip to the grocery store led to an amazing encounter – live sea scallops in the seafood department! Perhaps they are common to you but I had never seen them before. I just had to stop and peer into the large, unusual shells to see the small mantles and tiny eyes. Even the fishmonger was excited; they have not had fresh scallops there before. Another fishmonger asked her if she would clean one. She agreed so I move in close, quite sure I too would want to be wearing gloves for this project. She cheerfully explained the process as she worked quickly until only the large and pristine flesh remained waiting to be grilled or pan-seared.


On the drive home, I decided I just had to share this amazing adventure with Hubby. So back to the store where rows of scallops sat waiting in crushed ice and gathered a crowd of onlookers!

I love seemingly ordinary days transformed by the adventure of discovering something new!

Like a dance…

And August goes by in a quick, quick, slow…


Slow, quick, quick!


And it is gone and September busy-ness arrives. After such a summer, I feel the earnestness of autumn setting in and I feel a kinship with homemakers of old to clean up and clear out summer and move into quilts and sweaters. I’m not quite ready to give up the wonderful iced coffees of summer so I’m easing into that part.

Hubby went hunting and gathering yesterday to bring home some sweet corn unwilling to part with August and was told by the grocer that corn season was over. Fortunately, the local farmer is still harvesting from his fields and we feasted on August in spite of the calendar.

Like a great wonderful golden treasure, we found late season peaches for one last pie!


But September continues the dance of the seasons, a slow step and quickly on! And all the wonderful things of harvest wait before us, calling us, get ready!



The best of summer in "Bawlamer"

When the weather is steamy hot, as it has been, the best Sunday afternoon is spent with good friends in Baltimore or “Bawlamer” – a kind of southern slur through the letters. And while Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line we don’t really need or even want super sweet tea, just plenty of ice!


Add newspaper, knives and mallets and we’re done with the formal table setting.


Crabs. Blue crabs turned rusty red by steam and crusted with seasonings accompanied by steamed corn on the cob, tomato- cucumber salad and homemade cheesecake with fresh blueberry sauce, the best of summer eating!

We stayed long at the table of friendship!

Ruby Fruit

I could see them from the swing, first pale, then growing red as the days went by. When I saw the tree quivering in late afternoon I knew it was time to make our move. Early the next day we maneuvered the pick-up into position. My place had feet firmly planted on the ground gathering every ripe cherry I could reach or holding the bowl for harvest. Hubby climbed into the bed of the truck, regaled me with stories of youthful cherry picking at his grandmother’s house and picked from as many branches as he could pull down. I can’t be sure, but I think he was taste sampling for ripeness along the way!

In the nearby trees squirrels ran back and forth scolding us for taking what they thought was theirs. And then robins came and boldly stole the fruit above our heads. It was a good first picking with jelly and cobbler rewards and we are grateful for our abundant crop.


It is hard to know if there will be a second picking, the tree quivers and branches bow under the weight of other fruit loving creatures determined to share our bounty!

Strawberry Season

This warm spring brought the strawberries weeks early and we nearly missed them!

Since we don’t grow our own strawberries anymore, it was easy to miss the season of harvest. We had a rush to get the last of the crop for feasting and preserving!


I love making jams. Winter treats and gifts await!