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I suppose we all know the stories of Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony and the stories of their days shown as cartoons can weaken the reality of their struggles to settle this wild land. But before the Plymouth Bay Colony, there was Virginia. The Virginia Colony of entrepreneurs and the Plymouth Colony seeking religious liberty were foundations for these United States.

Our recent trip to historic Jamestowne was again a bleak reminder of the struggles and pain, deprivation and death of the earliest adventurers. It all seemed somehow magnified by the beauty of the day we visited. Jamestowne

Divine Providence, provision, and persistence kept the colony of Virginia, growing it from wilderness to the flourishing community of Williamsburg.


My own ancestors came over two centuries later but their hearts for freedom and provision for their children gave them resolve to see past dangers and deprivations and, with faith, they came. On this Thanksgiving, I bow my head in gratitude for them and honor the price they paid – for me and my family of today who could only have been a vague and distant dream.  I pray that we as a nation will remain true to our heritage for the generations to come.


Happy Thanksgiving!

May the coming year abound with blessings for you and your household. Amen!

October Memory

So much storm preparedness going on all around as forecasters warnings are relentless.

It seems so much more than a week since we visited the Queen City of the Alleghenies and drove through wonderful mountains and valleys and stayed in The Castle. I want to remember the glory of that autumn time.


We were on an adventure to find past and give past, and we did. As always, we loved the drive and this time the autumn color added to the beauty of the journey.


I couldn’t get enough of looking through the beautiful old glass of the windows of The Castle. In the night, as wailing sirens echoed through the river valley, I gazed through arched windows at stars rarely seen at home. And I gave thanks for those who heed the call to serve in crisis.

And now, looking into the face of this storm, we pray for safety for those who are serving and will be serving all along the Eastern Seaboard.

Spring Traveling


Like this lovely blossom, I peered through my fence at the bigger world. Unlike the blossom my feet are free and off we went!


With the warmer weather this year, the gardens in Williamsburg were vibrant with spring.

Now I am racing to catch up in my own gardens after the wonderful time away.