Healing things

I find it is the small things, the often overlooked or sometimes neglected things that can bring calm and restoration to my life. During these past months, I’ve had to force myself to find the things that comfort my soul. I’m sharing them to remind myself of the Whispers of Rest that God provides, if I will only notice. Perhaps they might be a reminder for you as we move closer to the winter holiday season and beyond into what we have as the long, cold of winter.

Notice. Make something with your hands. Enjoy the space that surrounds you – and all those you are blessed to have in it. The seasons change always brings some new beauty to bless us.

2017-11-23    2017-10-11

2017-08-30     Collages6

20170928_123459    20171118_153926    20171118_145254

ferns    calla bulbs and amaryllis bulbs    Sadie cat

still life  Advent begins. A quiet soul time. The link is a story with some resource links from the past. An online friend, Diana Trautwein, is starting her Advent Journey: Reflections for Weary Travelers and Bonnie Gray is Celebrating Advent, listening for God’s Whispers of Christmas.  Maybe you need a bit of rest yourself?


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3 thoughts on “Healing things

  1. Sannu

    Beautiful quilts! I can’t wait to see what you will make of those hexagons. During the winter season it is wonderful to stay at home and make crafts when cold winds blow outdoors.

    1. Elaine Post author

      I agree that winter is the best time for working on quilts. I have several tops of various sizes that I will work on. It does not get as cold and snowy here as in your country, but it is enough! Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such a kind comment, Sannu.

  2. Cathy

    Beautiful photographs, Elaine. I will have to look closer at your links. Our son’s wedding was last Friday and our guests stayed till Monday night. Then I came down with the flu on Wednesday! But I’ve been getting much needed rest at least.

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