Fast away the old year passes…

tree quilt

In many ways, I shall be glad to see the end of it, if only one had not got to carry the sadness of loss into the New. But so it is. Recently, someone expressed what I have often thought – “if only I knew it would be the last Christmas with _____” or dinner, or chat or card or letter…

As this New Year begins, my intent is to be more mindful of the hours and days and the time spent with others because one never knows when the last of something comes.

And, there will be more partings in the coming year I’m sure. An old friend is already clearing house and making plans to move many states away. The constant in life is change. How I longed for it when young, how I wish to hold on just a little longer now.

So, like every year I can remember, I’ll hold on to Christmas through its 12th day. Christmas tree

The intent to ‘keep Christmas in my heart all the year…’ will be an excellent resolution!


Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “Fast away the old year passes…

  1. Cathy

    My tree would normally be put away by New Year’s but this year we won’t be celebrating Christmas with our second son until the 14th, so we are leaving it up till then. I must say I am enjoying the extra light it provides in the living room on these cold and dark wintry nights! Holidays do make us miss our loved ones more than usual if, like in my case I only saw my mother twice a year and one of those times was Christmas. I’m at the age that I’m losing favorite doctors to old age/death and since I’m the next to youngest in my family of half-siblings I’ll probably start losing some of them before too long. That is the downside of getting older–and change seems harder to accept.

    1. Elaine Post author

      I’m glad you have the extra time to celebrate and enjoy your decorations. You put so much care and thought into everything you do, I’m sure these extra days are pleasant. Especially so if you have had some of the same weather – cold and grey. I have left up a “winter” tree some years, but decided to take down all the greenery today.
      Enjoy your extended holiday, Cathy! I’m sure the Grands are wide-eyed with wonder.

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