Christmas treat

old pines

A beautiful morning unfolded and the forecast was for the temperature to be in the 60’s F. Unseasonable and guaranteed to be a short phenomenon.  With my foot injury,our usual holiday plans have been set aside, so we choose an adventure with limited walking for me.

gull   container ship   Key Bridge                                                                sky   sweet gum

An afternoon drive took us to Fort Smallwood, an old county park near the bay. I would like to return someday and walk the trails, maybe fish from the long fishing pier, picnic on the grounds. But for today, it was gift to sit and listen to the water lapping the rocks, watch a few gulls, watch all the folks walking dogs and enjoy the sky changes.

We found the best parking spot near the pier for me to watch the sky drama unfold at sunset.

 sunset   sunset   sunset



2 thoughts on “Christmas treat

  1. Cathy

    The weather was perfect, indeed, yesterday! I worked in my garden clearing out the plants that finally succumbed to the frigid temps we had a few weeks ago. It felt like it should be Spring! Your photos of the sunset are beautiful. I hope your foot is healing well and quickly.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Thank you for your well wishes. The pain has greatly subsided. I find I must fight the fidgets over all the down wood from the winds that litters the plants and lawn. I’m glad you got some garden work in, so restorative, isn’t it?

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