August – delightfully interrupted

Hot. Humid. August. Definitely in need of a lovely interruption.

Our daughter came bringing the Grandpup, Marigold,IMG_8273

and Grandkittie, Sadie 20160814_103830

Both are rescued and well loved. It was first visit for Sadie who made herself at home at my writing table right away. IMG_8275 Although she also kept me company as I did some hand stitching. 20160817_102627

Marigold was harder to capture but was so much more at home on this second visit — until the thunder storms. Then, although she has a crate, she tried hiding in all kinds of places she did not fit. Including beside the dryer. That turned out to be a bonus gift for us as we became aware of a hole hidden in the folds of the venting material. A hole unseen, but big enough to interfere with the function of the machine.

The days went so quickly and then, it was time to say our goodbyes.

20160817_110315 Marigold was ready to go with her mama wherever she was going!

We hugged and waved and there may have been a tear as we held each other and watched the car disappear from view. Come again, sweet girl!


2 thoughts on “August – delightfully interrupted

  1. Cathy

    I’ve never attempted to take my cat on vacation. She cries all the way to the Vet’s each year in the car so I did not think she would be a happy camper! Did Sadie ride well in the car? My cat, Poetry, also a Calico will hide behind the dryer or couch downstairs during thunderstorms, too. It sounds like her visit was, indeed, fortuitous.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Previous Grandkitties have sung, but I didn’t hear anything about Sadie. She has such a soft voice it is hard to hear anything she has to say and her carrier is kept in the back of the hatch. Marigold rides in her bed next to it so I think they do pretty well together on the long ride. M. is a bit restrained so she is safe and doesn’t try to drive!

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