February Quiet

January ended with deep snow and cold blowing in snow   the Snow Queen took up residence snow    and has been reluctant to leave, affecting this whole month. Barely had one storm been cleared when the next blew in. While this week brought heavy rains and flooding, there are still tall mounds of icy snow in some yards and many parking lots a month later.

squirrel  This guy was a frequent visitor harassing the birds and learning tricks to steal their food.  squirrel

Of course, he wasn’t the only animal out looking for a good meal. deer  Not that there is much left to browse, but still they come, now by the herd. deer

Usually February is the time to pour over seed and plant catalogs, dreaming of beautiful, lush flower beds, fragrant herbs and bountiful vegetables. No more.

The robins are delighted that neither deer nor squirrels have a taste for holly.  I spied them at the bird bath   robins   and realized they must be stripping the tree by the front deck, and they were.


For my indoor gardening efforts – a sunny window, occasional water – and the amaryllis are finally coming along. amaryllis  These bulbs are at least two years with me and get exactly the same care.  They seemed quite healthy when I potted them up so I find it very odd that one has no leaves, just the bloom stalk. It was very, very slow to even decide to put forth that effort. A mystery.


I’ll close now with the lovely, lovely snowdrops – pulsing with life, they pushed through frozen ground and soggy leaves this week. Like little bells ringing out good news – Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

I’m almost ready.

2 thoughts on “February Quiet

  1. Cathy

    Hello Elaine. As you see, I am days behind in looking at Blogs. I’m trying to get mine caught up so I can get back to my decluttering project. I was able to spend Sunday in my gardens clearing away the dead debris. And now it is very cold today, but the daffodils should be OK. No blooms yet. Last year I planted Forsythia along the property line in places just so I could SEE that Spring has finally arrived. They seem to be the first bushes to bloom around here.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, I almost hate to look outside. In very direction, the winds have brought down twigs and branches. I have to mentally divide the property into rooms and then just start. The deer destruction does not help my lack of enthusiasm for the project this spring. They have decided to lounge about at the fringe of the woods so that they can keep an eye on the emerging day lilies and dig them up for ‘spring green tonic”.
      Perhaps I just need an old fashioned spring tonic!

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