October’s annual party


Many mornings seem to burst through foggy hours, other days, it is a slow revealing. This nearby farm is always a lovely sight. No horses visible in this frame, but they are usually wandering the fields adding to the rural beauty. The other amazing thing not seen is the morning traffic. It was there, of course, which gave me the opportunity to focus on the view with my camera.


The winds are invisible as well, but they seem ever present, blowing away the dust and heat and bugs of summer. The trees yield to the wind and shake off their leaves – their past – sometimes blighted, sometimes chewed, always worn out as they prepare to settle into a time of rest and rejuvenation. And too, I love the change of light in autumn. I’ve gone to the reservoir two evenings this past week to revel in the sunsets.

sunset 1

It was great pleasure to have picnic dinners roadside to such beauty while the wind rustled a symphony from leaves and branches. Geese were the trumpeting chorus!

sunset 2

I do hope you have a special place or at least a view of the wonder of all that is autumn.

3 thoughts on “October’s annual party

  1. Cathy

    Elaine, I like George Cooper’s poem–very fitting. It’s been years since I’ve been past the reservoir. Do you live very close by? When we were up at Eagles Mere last weekend I could have sat by that lake for hours drinking it all in. That farm near you is charming, too. I would love to watch the horses. But do you get a lot of traffic noise? We can hear I-70 traffic noise off in the distance–not so much to be a bother, but enough to let us know it’s there. I couldn’t get over the quiet in Eagles Mere. Rather amazing!

    1. Elaine Post author

      That section of the reservoir is about a 20 minute drive away.
      We can see the farm from our property. Unfortunately, we both sit along a high speed state road and the traffic has increased dramatically over the years.

      We are up on a hill too and the land between us seems to have a rock strata that creates an echo. The farm is named for it so I suppose they hear it more than we do. I really only hear the ringing echo of traffic on cold winter days and usually only if I am out.

      A strange side note: I noticed black pigs in the field with the horses this summer. I’ve never seen pigs out in fields anywhere. The horses didn’t seem to mind them close on their heels. Do you see pigs in fields in your area?

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