2015-09-09It was long weeks of hot and dry until today. I set myself to finish some tidying  here and there and was surprised to find a turtle. Neither of us could remember the last time we spied one here.IMG_6594Today was a dark day of waiting till the afternoon hours seemed to finally press open the clouds and the bursting drenched the area with close to 3 inches of rain. And as the hours grew dark everyone needed to be vigilant for high water and flash flooding.

One thought on “September

  1. Cathy

    Beautiful butterfly! I haven’t seen that kind in my yard. We do have a turtle that will appear every once in a while in our front yard. I think my little pond attracts it because of the sound of running water. Our yard has fencing that it has to negotiate to get in which I’d think would be difficult for a turtle. He must come under it I suspect.

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