Little faith

Last September, I wrote about finding seed clusters in the spent Calla Lily blooms. I waited and on October 31, I gathered my harvest. calla lily seeds

calla lily seeds Tiny seeds sloughed from corn like coatings. One can find anything on-line but directions are not the same as in person tutoring to me and I was left with this small collection of seeds to protect till spring. I put them in a small cardboard box and while I didn’t forget them, I also didn’t plant them as directed. But on a putter-y kind of day in early June, I sprinkled them in a pot.  My little seeds were faithful to their calling to live and sprang up!

calla lilies

They have been growing well and I’ve transplanted them into another pot.  Rain and sun will nourish them well.

cally lily seedlings

There are some areas of my life where seeds of faith lie scattered in the soil of my heart. I’m encouraged that like the Calla Lily seeds, these faith seeds are growing good roots.

2 thoughts on “Little faith

  1. Cathy

    I love your descriptive phrase “My little seeds were faithful to their calling to live and sprang up!”…faithful to their calling. It seems plants and even animals are faithful in this way, while Man struggles even when the conditions are just right. But then when we do choose rightly, we are blessed even more for having done so.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Sometimes I feel like I strain to hear but it is like listening through the radio static from summer storms.
      The past few months I’ve been entranced by the bird cams from Cornell’s School of Ornithology. I’ve watched Great Horned Owls and Red Tailed Hawks and Laysan Albatross. The young albatross fledged early this morning from a cliff on Kauai. All alone. About two weeks since she was last fed or had any contact with a parent. They say that she will fly the open ocean for the next 3-5 years before returning to land. Amazing God design. Each of these birds somehow “knows” when it is time to catch the wind and go!

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