It was an ordinary trip to the store when a casual glance at a porch stirred the faintest of memories – play time on a porch under the peasant false sky of blue ceiling.

And so I’ve been thinking of blue, and sky.


Blue can be calm and comforting wrapped in old denim and chambray or soft baby blue blankets. But then, blue is authority in uniforms and robes of royalty. There’s blue in Antarctic ice and blue in flame; feeling blue sadness and the cheery blue sky of sunny days.

Blue touches earth in blossoms  and takes flight in butterflies and birds that make my heart soar heavenward.


The vast sky is an ever changing palette of shade and hue. How many ways we try to describe it! Powder blue, azure, heavenly blue, sky blue, navy, celestial blue, indigo, cobalt, azure, periwinkle, sapphire… The shades are clear or hazy, murky, stormy, threatening, comforting, cold…

Blue wraps my world in beauty.

blue eye grass

One thought on “Ordinary?

  1. Cathy

    Elaine, I’m loving your color-themed posts. Blue (I love the sound of azure) is one of my favorite colors. You don’t see it too much in flowers, so I find myself drawn to blue flowers when I see them. Perhaps God didn’t want too much competition for the blue sky–He wanted us to be looking up as much as possible.

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