Paint Box – yellow

Recently a writing prompt surfaced in an old journal and drew me in again – Color.

I find that the spring light makes color more vibrant, more uplifting to my soul.

If you had asked me about yellow, well, at first I wouldn’t have much to say except it is a cheerful color. But reflection tells me it is woven through my adult life – a favorite dress in soft yellow, then yellow gingham curtains and yellow walls in a baby’s room, a fun yellow car, bouquets of dandelions in a chubby fist, a yellow bike, vintage yellow crocks in the kitchen… a touch here and there.

collage in yellow

The yellows of early spring glow. More memories glow too: puckery lemons with peppermint stick straws at the Flower Mart in Baltimore, Mom’s lemon meringue pies with toasty brown peaks atop creamy fillings – best fresh from the oven… Do you have memories in yellow? Do they bring happy smiles to your face now?

pseudo iris

2 thoughts on “Paint Box – yellow

  1. Cathy

    I love your reminiscences of yellow. As much as I love color I’m surprised that I don’t have such memories! My dining room and hallway are yellow. And I had yellow curtains in my kitchen once and yellow gingham for my sewing table skirt. And several yellow flowers in my garden now.

    1. Elaine Post author

      I have very few memories of growing up clothes – uniforms covered much of the years. I was actually very surprised by my memories when I sat to think about color. I’ll be sharing more.

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