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Paint Box – yellow

Recently a writing prompt surfaced in an old journal and drew me in again – Color.

I find that the spring light makes color more vibrant, more uplifting to my soul.

If you had asked me about yellow, well, at first I wouldn’t have much to say except it is a cheerful color. But reflection tells me it is woven through my adult life – a favorite dress in soft yellow, then yellow gingham curtains and yellow walls in a baby’s room, a fun yellow car, bouquets of dandelions in a chubby fist, a yellow bike, vintage yellow crocks in the kitchen… a touch here and there.

collage in yellow

The yellows of early spring glow. More memories glow too: puckery lemons with peppermint stick straws at the Flower Mart in Baltimore, Mom’s lemon meringue pies with toasty brown peaks atop creamy fillings – best fresh from the oven… Do you have memories in yellow? Do they bring happy smiles to your face now?

pseudo iris

Winged news

The hummingbirds are back in town. I had great viewing of “Sit & Sip”. This photo is from her old album!

HummerThis time of year the chores are never ending. I try to pace myself through the gardens and wild spaces by plant emergence. I rounded the corner one morning and was shocked to find this mess:



Just a stumpy piece of wood sitting in the garden. I wondered… and today, I know for sure.

Pileated Woodpecker. Somehow I deleted the best photo of this amazing bird, but I’ll be on the watch now. We have a number of rotting stumps and slices from past tree removal so I know it will be back; I hope I’ll be ready for the photo op!

The work progresses:

   stump       stump



Paint Box – Greens

Spring explodes like a paint box come to life; spilling across the browned winter weary landscape. First, the greens come.

I recently learned a new word. Viriditas. My high school Latin teacher would be amazed! Viriditas means “greenness” – vitality, lushness, verdure, fecundity, growth.  I am grateful to Mandy for sharing this word and its connection to Abbess Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179). It seems a perfect expression of the living green captured by the soul as the light dances over grass and leaf life.


He makes me lie down in green pastures… He restores my soul.