February Snow globe

Swirling snow, glittering ice changing scenes inside my world like a snow globe upending daily.

IMG_4970 IMG_4987 snowfall

   IMG_5021 IMG_5022


                  IMG_4995  IMG_5025



Outside our home, brutal cold; while inside, a kind of hibernation seemed to take hold as both I and my computer had viruses. I am delighted to report we have both recovered ourselves.

This has been a winter not soon forgotten. We’re so very grateful for home and warmth and traveling safety these long days.

One thought on “February Snow globe

  1. Cathy

    Your snow scenes are beautiful. All our snow has melted except for where it was piled to clear the driveway. I’m sorry you and your computer have been sick….it does seem so long since we last heard from you. I’m glad to hear you’re both up and running. :-)

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