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Rhoda, the weather lady


snow day

This is my friend Rhoda, the rhododendron. Rhoda lives outside my bedroom window and is the perfect weather reporter. When a look up at the sky tells me little, Rhoda can be depended upon to report rain, sleet, snow and especially frigid conditions.

The day this photo was taken it was not too cold as the leaves are open to catch the snow. Today they are open and drip with icicles so although it is below freezing, it is not much below. As the temperatures drop farther and farther, the leaves will curl back, sides to middle, till they look like tight little green cigars and the whole plant structure is visible.

Rhoda has been known to give hospitality to nesting birds. The Mockingbird is especially fond of this location. And of course she blooms beautifully each spring. Here she is in the top left corner.


Spring! Coming soon!

My computer is currently being held hostage for ransom but I am working to be able to upload new photos through hubby’s which will include Rhoda’s weather transformations.

St Fiacre

Many years ago, in an herb gardening book, I read that this 7th century hermit was the patron saint of gardeners, and of course, herbalists. I have often passed by this small statue without realizing that it was not St Francis but rather St Fiacre who is depicted in art with his shovel. His gardens and herbs of legend were used to minister to the sick and visitors of his day and so make him appropriate to this quiet hospital garden.

St Fiacre