Deep into autumn

mellow time  Sumac red and dogwood mahogany fade to apricot this long and extraordinary season.

mellow road Russet and gold mellow; the world is quieting.

ice on birdbath  Ice begins to form on the birdbath and this year the Snowbirds compete with the Goldfinches at the thistle feeder.

frost  Frost twinkles in the early light before sun.

Loch Raven  Contours and features long hidden in green come back into focus.

first snow  And one night, the first snow drifts down. Time to settle into warm clothes, lamplight, comforting foods and wrapping my heart extra tight in gratitude for wonder and blessing.

One thought on “Deep into autumn

  1. Cathy

    Your photographs are beautiful…..they deserve to be larger! I love the pictures you paint with your words, too! I just got my new camera. I’m hoping I’ll do its potential justice. It’s the kind where I can do my own focusing, so much more technical….something that has flummoxed me in the past, so I’m hoping I can quiet that inner anxious voice.

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