Growing Oak Trees

I found this poem to share. It is a wonderful metaphor for the life of faith, I think. Scripture calls us to yield and to become “oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord” – Isaiah 61

Can you see your life in these lines?


 The Acorn

In a small green cup an acorn grew

                On a tall and stately oak;

The spreading leaves the secret knew,

                And hid it like a cloak.

The breezes rocked it tenderly,

                The sunbeams whispered low,

“Some day the smallest acorn here

                Will make an oak, you know.”

The little acorn heard it all,

                And thought it quite a joke;

How could he dream an acorn small

                Would ever be an oak?

He laughed so much that presently

                He tumbled from his cup,

And rolled a long way from the tree,

                Where no one picked him up.

Close by him was a rabbit hole,

                And when the wind blew high,

Down went the acorn with a roll

                For weeks in gloom to lie.

But, one bright day, a shoot of green

                Broke from his body dry,

And pushed its way with longing keen

                To see the glorious sky.

It grew and grew, with all its might,

                As weeks and months rolled on;

The sunbeam’s words were proving right.

                For, ere a year had gone,

The shoot became a sturdy plant,

                While now the country folk

Can sit beneath the spreading leaves

                Of a mighty forest oak.


2 thoughts on “Growing Oak Trees

  1. Cathy

    My son and his family just moved into a house with old oak trees throughout the yard. Consequently, the yard is strewn with acorns–more acorns than I’ve ever seen in one place before…..and when they fall, if they land on your head, they hurt! When I was there on Monday I was out collecting them for a craft project for the Tasha Tudor meeting next week and tried to pick one up. . . .I discovered it had already sent out a root into the earth deep enough that I couldn’t pull it out. Yes, I think the mighty acorn has much to teach us!

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, isn’t that so interesting? They plant themselves! In the post on the park trip, the first acorn photo shows an elongated one, the only one I could find that was not sprouted! There were piles of them around, all with the root searching for the earth.

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