Monthly Archives: September 2014

Seed Time

calla lily I was given a pot of lovely calla lilies in the spring. When they finished blooming, I moved the foliage to a large pot outdoors and then remembered rhizomes I had saved from last year so I added them to the pot. It was rather late for them but they sent up leaves and two blooms. Usually, I am attentive to remove the faded blooms but these were forgotten, the pot drying and the older foliage withering away.

calla pot

It was a sad sight and I decided to move the pot away from our sitting area when a flash of color caught my eye. It is these tiny sightings that lead to amazing discoveries.

calla seeds Seeds! Seeds forming in the faded bloom! I had no idea of this. calla seeds I am learning about these seed kernels and waiting for them to ripen, turning yellow or orange. Each kernel will have 2-5 seeds. This one cone could yield 50 seeds!

I’m so glad now that I “neglected” these plants so that their amazing fruitfulness can be displayed.




Rest Stops

August was full of good things but they all came packaged in my busyness. After a brief rest,  I started back on the busy in a small garden space in need of attention. Once again, green stopped me for a moment to let me breathe in refreshing rest.

green moth

The lovely winged creature lingered and I found again the longing within to see deeply, resting in the beauty.

The living green of creatures and leaves and grass captures my soul as light dances over and through them.


A long ago shepherd boy understood and sang, “He makes me lie down in green pastures… He restores my soul”*. I hear the song in my own heart.

*Psalm 23