3 thoughts on “Early morning light

  1. Cathy

    I have a whole bed of what I think are Daylilies. They were “uncovered” last year when we cleared out of woods. They have yet to bloom, however. I take it they need a lot of sunlight? They certainly look lovely with the sun pouring through and bouncing off their colorful petals.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, when we moved here, long years ago, there was a large clump of “ditch lilies”. We had a lot of bare earth where the previous owner had cut our driveway so I moved many to the hillside. It is rather shaded now and there are fewer and fewer blooms.
      I also moved some along the side of our shed and although that is north and now has overhanging trees, they do bloom.
      If you have a sunny place to audition them, you might want to move some early next spring and see how they bloom out.

      Trees do grow and we hardly have any space that gets full sun. They seem content with at least half day.
      I just love the “new garden” each day that the daylilies provide for us.

      1. Cathy

        Thanks, Elaine. I will try that. In the meantime, I’ll make note of where we get sunlight in summer. When we moved here there were a bunch of blooming peonies. After a few years they quit blooming so I moved them to a sunny area. But wouldn’t you know it, because we didn’t mow in between the plants and because I was busy raising children, I didn’t notice the little Sycamore trees that had sprouted up. Now they are shading the whole area! Plus the deer will come through sometimes and eat the buds before they open.

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