Annabelle and the deer


Working at the dining room table, it was as if I could feel the stare; I looked up and through the window.  That deer had been prowling the yard for days. I was a  bit concerned for there had been rain those days but all seemed well. Until now. I grabbed the camera and walked to the kitchen door, opened it and stepped out. There she stood, bold and bad; posing behind the remains of an Annabelle hydrangea as if to say, “Spray, spray, but I will find a way to feast where I please, so there!” All those stalks had held bloom buds. <sigh>

One thought on “Annabelle and the deer

  1. Cathy

    Our deer eat my peony buds and hosta leaves. I wouldn’t mind if they ate the hosta leaves once they turned brown, but no, they like them nice and green!

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