McGregor, where are you?


He left his shovel. There is a great deal of work to be done before the rain comes again. Many inches of rain have followed the snow and lush growth overwhelms some spaces while seeds are still packaged. And, there are rabbits. Very large rabbits.

Rabbits have been rare visitors to the hilltop. For years we only saw them down near the driveway. And I envisioned them living in the bank of the hill under tree roots. I believed Beatrix Potter.

Actually, I believed Mr & Mrs Fox had everything under control and were serving rabbit pie to their young. I think they must have moved since I now watch the bold, joyous antics of celebration as rabbits roam the garden area taking bites here and there.

On the last sunny note – gold in the garden – IMG_3277

While the rains came, I decided to purge my cookbook and recipe collection. It went badly. There were piles everywhere and I thought I might just put everything back, but that never seems to work either.

So, procrastination led me to play on-line where beautiful inspiration draws me to Botanic Blue. Oh my, Judith wrote on Organizing Keepsakes in Baskets and my problem was solved – for today.

Ta-Da! Now they are all in a basket with a vintage hand towel, recipe cards, a pen and a notebook! The book sale items have moved to their box, the counter is clean, and I am smiling!  I love creative solutions! Even temporary ones.


But, those shelves are still full! How did that happen?

2 thoughts on “McGregor, where are you?

  1. Cathy

    Elaine, delightful little tale about your rabbits! As for the recipes….I started organizing mine over the winter. I made good headway until Spring hit and outdoors grabbed my attention. The box sits behind my chair in the living room, patiently awaiting the return of my attention. Unfortunately, I have no counter space on which to place a basket such as yours. I do have cupboard space for the books I use regularly. I just need to go through all the recipes I’ve collected through the years and are still sitting in a folder in a jumble. Why I can’t just throw them away (since I’ve survived without using them), I have no idea! I feel I must look at each and every one first and then save the ones that I might want to make one day—and I don’t even enjoy cooking anymore all that much. My husband cooks half the time now that he’s retired, and with leftovers I only cook twice a week…..and that’s just fine with me.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, we may be kin! There is no counter space for the basket… it is just sitting on the floor and the idea is that I will work my way through it and then the shelves and bookcase and cupboard…And I just did this a few years ago…:)

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