Secrets held close

Memorial Day, 2014

I’m thinking of my Uncle John today and all my now questions unasked and his stories never told.

     Uncle John      John

I remember my mother saying that he had been part of the troops of the Normandy Invasion and fought on through the end of the war. I really had no idea then what that even meant. I regret that I never took the time to ask, listen and understand his part in the events that shaped our world. I regret that I never thought to thank him and appreciate his heart of courage.

But what I do remember and so appreciate was his great smile that showed forth his joy of being with us. Maybe that is all that really matters now.


2 thoughts on “Secrets held close

  1. Cathy

    Such a nice memory and tribute to your uncle. I think in general we don’t like to think about war so to ask questions about it can be difficult. He may not have wanted to talk about it. I have all the letters my husband-to-be wrote me from Vietnam and there is very little mention of what was happening there. Only a few things have come out in conversation with other people through the years that I’ve overheard.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Thank you for your kind, thoughtful comment, Cathy.
      I’ve asked around the family and apparently no one spoke with him even though today they are history buffs.

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