Bending Low


I believe these to all be mosses. Brilliant greens against the dry old leaves and litter of the forest floor; living color shining as filtered light dances down through new leaves tossing in the wind.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures…He restores my soul”, a long ago shepherd boy said.

While not a pasture, looking at these simple plants slowly forming soft colonies and feeling their gentle cushion as I tread gently on some was amazingly restorative. I am so grateful for small wonders!


2 thoughts on “Bending Low

  1. Cathy

    Hello Elaine. I love your mosses and the scripture they evoked for you. I collect mosses from my yard for my miniature garden that resides in one corner of my Arbor. I think they are a beautiful plant. Your lovely prose does them justice.

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