Pheasant through glass

ring necked pheasant

As I was involved with food for the dinner table, there was a shout from hubby, “Pheasant!” Our food was forgotten as I found the camera, careful not to startle our feathered friends at their dinner.


The color and markings were extraordinary. Pheasant is a rare sighting here.ring necked pheasant

ring necked pheasantTaking photos through window glass certainly reduces clarity and focus is difficult. If you click on the first photo, you will be able to see the wonderful markings more clearly.

Information on the Ring-necked Pheasant can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Pheasant through glass

  1. Cathy

    I’ve only once seen a pheasant in our yard in the 33 years we’ve lived here. You are so lucky to get the photos! Every time I miss a photo opportunity I tell myself I’m going to start wearing my camera around my neck, but it is rather bulky so I never follow through. I think I need one of those cameras you can attach to a hat. :-)

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, I too mourn the photos never taken because I didn’t have my camera. My husband tells me those are the ones that my heart needs to savor just then.
      We have that large window plus door in the kitchen and my camera was on the table in front of it. I was amazed that I was able to retrieve it. After these shots, I tried to open the door but that raised a ‘hue & cry’ from the songbirds. The pheasant looked around and sauntered down some steps and out of view, no doubt taking flight as I made my mad dash outside. Perhaps he will return for another snack!

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