April love

I’ve been opening the genealogy files again and stirring memories. Holidays and holydays always stir them as well. I think my first awareness of extended family came at my Grandparents anniversary party. I was one of the youngest of their twelve grandchildren.Anniversary party¬†Anna was six years older that her beloved August. There is a story that her family wanted her to marry his older brother, but she preferred to wait on August. Such a good choice! They had 60 years together.

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  1. Cathy

    Are these the grandparents that lived in Baltimore? Which neighborhood did they live in? My oldest lived in North Waverly for 10 years and my second son lives in the Canton area now. Baltimore is known for its great neighborhoods. Since our oldest left home to attend UMBC in 1997 we’ve come to know Baltimore very well. The youngest went there also and the middle son went to Towson.

  2. Elaine Post author

    Cathy, my parents grew up on the same block in an area of the city called Old Town which was in the north part of the city. It is a revitalization project now.
    When August and Anna were married in 1900, it was ethnically diverse with major churches for Irish and German congregations. The wars seriously impacted the cohesion of the large and influential German communities of Baltimore.
    All of August’s family had relocated to South Baltimore before their parents died and before August married but he had lived in that part of the city since his family had emigrated when he was 6 so I think that is where he was at home… and… Anna was there!

    1. Cathy

      I found it on a map. Old Town is about 2 miles from where my second son lives. He’s on the border between Fells Point and Canton. Were August and Anna able to stay in their home until their passing? Did they live in the same house for all of their marriage?

      1. Elaine Post author

        Cathy, they were married 60 years and lived in that same house. Grandmom later came to live with my family for her last years, outliving August by about 13 years. I’ll save you the calculations :) she was 101 at her death.

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