On a sunny day


Before the rain which turned on the greening, and before yesterday’s blast of winter cold and snow, the wild ginger folded out, like heart-felt love letters from God.


Perfect for this time when I think on His perfect Love Letter, Jesus.

2 thoughts on “On a sunny day

  1. Cathy

    “the wild ginger folded out, like heart-felt love letters from God”….such beautiful imagery….I have no wild ginger in my woods, but I do have Mayapple, which I just looked up in Wikipedia and discovered are poisonous! I never knew to warn my boys about these, but thankfully they never played with them. I will have to warn my granddaughter, though. Little girls are prone to prepare dinner for their teddy bears!

  2. Elaine Post author

    Cathy, I remember being so concerned about poisonous plants and especially berries but my daughter was not inclined to forage outside our strawberries and blueberries.
    I have a friend who planted ever-bearing strawberries for her grands to pick.
    A small herb garden with a strawberry jar and potted mints and chamomile and whatever you like, well, I can just image what fun you will have!

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