Spring searching in Virginia

I have a family member who hates to talk about the weather. Certainly it is a boring topic this year. Snow, wintry mix, ice, freezing rain, wind, rain… March continues roaring about but spring is beating in the heart of the earth. We were blessed to go to Williamsburg last week. One of our favorite small places there is the Botanical Gardens. We roamed and sat in warmth for hours, listening.

Virginia spring

One day, we took the ferry from Jamestown to the lovely town of Smithfield. The other month Cathy at Morning Musings wrote about bronze sculptures. This is my sole attempt to follow her lead – hubby and George Washington.

GeorgeIn her post last Monday, she quoted Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, so this one is for Cathy. The sculptor, George Lundeen, portrays the author writing that very poem.

Robert FrostThere are seven stops to view these marvelous works. All are historical figures except one.ValentineThis is “The Valentine Couple”.      Valentine    Valentine So sweet.    You can click on the photos to enlarge them and see the amazing detail.

It is cold here at home and of course the forecast is for snow tomorrow. I’m listening, I know the earth is sheltering buds and blooms and green. For now, I’ll enjoy the memory of these Lenten Roses.Virginia



3 thoughts on “Spring searching in Virginia

    1. Elaine Post author

      Fortunately for hubby, the Chamber of Commerce was meeting that afternoon so many of the shops were closed in the afternoon. Antiques, arts, food, a museum and the quaint houses were so much eye candy to wander around, I hope we can get back again.
      Thank you for visiting, Lisa.

  1. Cathy

    Elaine, what a surprise to see myself mentioned! I will have to make a stop in Smithfield for sure the next time we go to Williamsburg. And I did not know there was a Botanical Garden there. I only just became aware of the Lenten Rose this past Christmas when I found one at Wegman’s. I plan to plant it outside once the snow that fell today melts and I’m sure it’s safe. I read they are poisonous to animals so I must have a spot outside my fenced yard for Gabriel. The tree people were here yesterday chipping all our downed branches from that ice storm last month and were scheduled to come again today to finish up, but as you know we had this unexpected accumulation. It was just supposed to be a dusting. Oh well. Spring will have to come sooner or later. I just hope Summer doesn’t decide to come on time and steal some of her glory!

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