March observations

March in the yardIn a futile attempt to keep the deer from lapping all the seed from the feeder, I had poked stakes in the ground to hold some fencing. I should have known they would just trample it and walk in at snack time. I pull it back up as much as possible and we repeat. The lingering snow has made it easy to see the birds. A murmuration came through and introduced a pair of Rufous-sided towhees to the feeder. Such beautiful birds!


There is a warming trend which is allowing a slow melt and the snowdrops are coming into view.


And a few hours later, the melt softens the icy white and I can begin gathering great piles of pine and maple brush from the lawn. As I commented to a passing motorist while shoveling the other week, 2014 is providing great opportunity for fresh air and exercise. It is also drawing me to search for beauty unfolding.


2 thoughts on “March observations

  1. susie

    Elaine- I love your pictures!! and your writing is so wonderful too- What gorgeous flowers on your banner!! I have really enjoyed your posts tonight! Thank you!

    1. Elaine Post author

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment, Susie. I always love to see a new post from you in my mail box!

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