Winter Marches along

Marching ducks

Last week we had an out and about day. While hubby kept an appointment, I strolled through the nearby import store. I felt so warm as I returned to the car that I threw my heavy jacket in the back seat. Driving along to the library I realized it was 28 degrees. What a winter to leave me with the feeling that 28 was warm! March at the MarshShopping, services and office buildings were built near the edge of marshland. I took what I hoped would be a shortcut back and was totally distracted. Geese strolled along a stream and drew my attention to a pond full of birds.

Gulls at the pond

They must have quite a fan club from the footprints left in the snow and I was disconcerted as they came flying and running toward me. Since I was not offering them treats, some stood nonchalantly while the white ducks moon-walked away without a backward glace. ducks on the MarshIt was such a glorious afternoon and the duck chatter and antics as they slid across the ice had me laughing out loud. It was so fun to find such a treasure hidden so close to the familiar.

At the Marsh

2 thoughts on “Winter Marches along

  1. Cathy

    Elaine, the only snow we have left is the piled areas in our driveway along the edge. Our little pond, though, is still frozen over. It’s funny to see the ducks “walking on the water”. I’m afraid my dog will try to walk on our little pond. I raked off all the arborvitae branches that made it look like a safe place to walk, so hopefully he’ll not attempt it.

    1. Elaine Post author

      Cathy, we live at the edge of a micro climate. Yesterday there was enough warmth that I could begin to pull wood out of the icy snow and I still had pine boughs frozen to the ground. Looking out, I may be able to free them today as I see good overnight melt. Glad things are more spring-like for you!

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