Earth dreaming

The Snow Moon will shine tonight. February 14 Whether or not we will see it or just more falling snow is still unknown. There was much snow this week; much more than I cared to shovel. But shovel we do. Dig out the heat pump and shovel a path to the bird feeders. Then there is the driveway to consider. Normally we don’t consider it too much any more; Joe plows for us. Except when his rig breaks down, like it did yesterday morning leaving us with 14 inches or so to contemplate today. So we shoveled and chopped ice and made phone calls and repeated the process. Then the phone rang and our new neighbor offered to come with his tractor. Such blessed relief!

February 14

Today I learned the proverb, “St Valentine brings the keys of roots.” Within it is the thought that this is the day when plants start growing. Last week I noticed a slight swelling of the magnolia buds and I found this…   IMG_2401  a snowdrop! It is now blanketed with deep snow but its bravery was a sign of the earth dreaming Spring!

2 thoughts on “Earth dreaming

  1. Cathy

    Good morning, Elaine. I was wondering how you guys were faring. Our little lawn tractor couldn’t handle the snow either so we were out shoveling yesterday. Wish we had your neighbor’s tractor! But we cleared enough that the lawn tractor could clean it up and the sun did the rest. We’re going out today to celebrate our anniversary which didn’t get to do yesterday. If I have any snowdrops coming up, I wouldn’t know. Haven’t seen grass in weeks up here on the mountain.

  2. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Elaine…your yard is beautiful blanketed with snow. :)

    I have never heard that proverb, but I’m going to remember it. At our previous homes, I always planted primrose and often they bloomed in February. That is if there wasn’t too much snow. This year…oh my!
    My favorite thing in the spring is to see those perennials and bulbs bursting forth through the earth!!! Such hope and promise in those green shoots!


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