Weather repeat

I don’t really collect stats on weather or seasons in my life. I do remember cold winters and snow and ice winters but this one does seem relentless. Heavy rain in the night turned to rain and snow and sleet and left a coat of the heaviest kind to be pushed and shoveled.


But it was very beautiful and perhaps it was that beauty and the slightly perceptible lengthening of daylight that was energizing. I enjoyed creative time in the kitchen and we were delighted to share our muffins with the man who plowed and then helped to shovel, too! God bless Joe!


3 thoughts on “Weather repeat

  1. Cathy

    Did you have the same ice event we had on the 5th? We lost power at 11:30 and only just got it back at 7:30 tonight. We also lost lost of tree branches and several trees.

    1. Elaine Post author

      I was thinking of you and hoping things were better there. I’m sorry for your loss, your property was so beautifully done. We were awakened by a large maple branch falling on the roof over our back patio. We were only out of power from 7-2. All day it was like listening to gun shots as limbs seemed to explode off the trees. It is a really big mess out there. We lost a very large pine that the original property owners had planted, not a beautiful tree but it marked our entrance to home.

      1. Cathy

        That is what it was like here, too….the sound of limbs snapping all day long, then going outside…I felt I was walking through a war zone in a world pelted with shattered glass. I’m thinking I’ll do a post tomorrow about it….Sorry for all the trees you’ve lost. Did the maple damage the roof. We are grateful our structures were not damaged.

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