A Cheery New Year to You!

Happy snowguy

Snow came and went; cold came and stayed a while and on New Year’s Day, I began a long winter’s nap punctuated by great coughing fits. Eventually and gratefully, I did wake up and began the tasks of life again, packing away Christmas decor, sprucing up a bit for this winter season, engaging in everyday chores and being quite happy to do so!

One of the joys of the moment is the grand opening of a red amaryllis on my window sill to share with you.                  red amaryllis

One thought on “A Cheery New Year to You!

  1. Cathy

    Hi Elaine…Just wanted to make sure you didn’t want to be considered for the Tasha Tudor book giveaway on my Blog since you didn’t say you were….wanted to make sure you didn’t just forget!

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