Wren Day


Things seemed very quiet when I opened the door around 6 am. Then Momma Wren showed up and breakfast was delivered, and received with the usual enthusiasm!


Then I noticed one of the nestlings at “the door”. I decided to go out and sit near in case this was The Day.


I didn’t have long to wait! What a thrill to watch first one and then another fly about seven feet into the oakleaf hydrangea! The next youngster was unceremoniously pushed by the eager one behind him and down they both fluttered into the shrubbery and then took a short flight into another hydrangea nearby. Such a privilege to watch the story unfold!


I know, they all look alike! But this one seemed more chubby. And reluctant to leave the nest. Mom coaxed with chatter and a bit more breakfast but it was back and forth to the doorway.


Then I watched amazed as its siblings flew up onto the tree trunk and join the chatter of encouragement! You can see the tiny one on the trunk while mom sits on the roof top.


Five to ten minutes of indecision and then flight! And the nest is empty.

Chatter continued through the day and from the lower level windows we see the parents feeding their fledglings gathered in the branches and stems of the hydrangea. I’ve read that the parents will continue to feed the young for about two weeks.


And finally the quiet of late evening after such an exciting day! In the many years we have had bird houses, I’ve never seen any actually fledge before. Such an exciting day for me too!

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