House Wrens nest each year in this tiny house hanging in the magnolia tree. Their cheerful song seems larger than such a small bird could sing. The rains have kept me from the gardens lately so I didn’t realize till just yesterday that they have a full house. The chatter of the hungry young while they wait and their eager greetings of their hunter parents is also very loud. The more food, of course, the quieter things become. When the meal service is done, I hear the parents again singing cheerfully from a branch in the tree. Lucky them, no kitchen clean-up!


I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately. Waiting in designated waiting rooms. I’m at a loss to understand why medical facilities feel the need to blare stressful programing at those waiting long waits. How much nicer if they might offer water or coffee or tea, or soothing classical music to feed the hungry soul.

Do you wait well? What helps you to wait?