Considering the lily in the field

IMG_0734   In my garden this must surely be the lily of the field — fleur de lis — Iris.

I love all the variety of my garden and wild-land but there is something about the tall bearded iris, so elegant and stately and truly arrayed in great beauty. Lavenders, blues and a sweet yellow bloom here. The day I open the curtains and see their amazing blooms open is a wonder-day.   IMG_0747 I really try to consider all that lives around me, even the color and variety of leaves and bird song and sometimes I could burst with the wonderment of it all. I hope never to grow tired of the seeing and hope to see more; my camera helps me to do that, magnifying amazing details.

Hosta leaves

My garden tending seems so trivial, so unimportant compared to the great delight my eyes feed my soul from this harvest of beauty.

Sitting at the kitchen table now, I look out and catch sight of one leaf which turns joyfully, dancing on a breeze only it feels; its companions still. I understand its tiny heart.