Monthly Archives: March 2013

Life by seasons

Very early I woke to the particular pearly grey dark of snow. I could see the thickly coated trees from the window and decided to continue my night season a little longer!


When I emerged from my cocoon, the snow was falling fast and piling thickly. The snowbirds are still with us and were busy breakfasting.


The jonquils by the kitchen door where so cheery yesterday with the promise of bloom but today lie cozy under their comforter of snow.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven   Eccl 3:1 


It would seem this winter season is still upon us, the snow gently watering the earth and I delight in the quiet beauty of the day.


I hope there is beauty in your days and a bit of fun too! This is mine…


I can see this tree through the window while I cook. It rather reminds me of a very large rabbit playing at holding up the sky and I sometimes wonder if he dances in the moonlight.

I might go and have a look. The snow stopped long ago and the warm earth sucked in much of the snow till there is only a thin blanket left for the moonshine glow. Peace to you.



The grand adventure – of the scallop!

warning – those of you with an aversion to shellfish and/or biology might want to skip this post!

An ordinary trip to the grocery store led to an amazing encounter – live sea scallops in the seafood department! Perhaps they are common to you but I had never seen them before. I just had to stop and peer into the large, unusual shells to see the small mantles and tiny eyes. Even the fishmonger was excited; they have not had fresh scallops there before. Another fishmonger asked her if she would clean one. She agreed so I move in close, quite sure I too would want to be wearing gloves for this project. She cheerfully explained the process as she worked quickly until only the large and pristine flesh remained waiting to be grilled or pan-seared.


On the drive home, I decided I just had to share this amazing adventure with Hubby. So back to the store where rows of scallops sat waiting in crushed ice and gathered a crowd of onlookers!

I love seemingly ordinary days transformed by the adventure of discovering something new!

Coming to ends

For at least a week, I would wake and think it must be February 28. It finally is! After a month of gloomy winter, yesterday and today have had sun and I was happy to go in search of spring coming. I was not disappointed.


I have known for a while that the blogging platform I use would come to an end of itself and now notice has been served. Please wish me well as I move my work to another service. My on-line address will remain the same.