October Memory

So much storm preparedness going on all around as forecasters warnings are relentless.

It seems so much more than a week since we visited the Queen City of the Alleghenies and drove through wonderful mountains and valleys and stayed in The Castle. I want to remember the glory of that autumn time.


We were on an adventure to find past and give past, and we did. As always, we loved the drive and this time the autumn color added to the beauty of the journey.


I couldn’t get enough of looking through the beautiful old glass of the windows of The Castle. In the night, as wailing sirens echoed through the river valley, I gazed through arched windows at stars rarely seen at home. And I gave thanks for those who heed the call to serve in crisis.

And now, looking into the face of this storm, we pray for safety for those who are serving and will be serving all along the Eastern Seaboard.