Like a dance…

And August goes by in a quick, quick, slow…


Slow, quick, quick!


And it is gone and September busy-ness arrives. After such a summer, I feel the earnestness of autumn setting in and I feel a kinship with homemakers of old to clean up and clear out summer and move into quilts and sweaters. I’m not quite ready to give up the wonderful iced coffees of summer so I’m easing into that part.

Hubby went hunting and gathering yesterday to bring home some sweet corn unwilling to part with August and was told by the grocer that corn season was over. Fortunately, the local farmer is still harvesting from his fields and we feasted on August in spite of the calendar.

Like a great wonderful golden treasure, we found late season peaches for one last pie!


But September continues the dance of the seasons, a slow step and quickly on! And all the wonderful things of harvest wait before us, calling us, get ready!