September 9th musing

Today I remember Mom…


I love the look of expectation on her face in this photo.

I met a distant relative and her first in person words to me were, “You look just like your mother!”   And my thought was, “You had not seen her in decades!”

I remember “The Day” in my early teen years when Mom came home from the hairdresser – A Blond!  I don’t think I knew anyone whose mom had done such a thing; I was a bit scandalized.

But for Mom, it was a perfect fit with her blue/green eyes and golden skin. She was never going to be grey or white and was always a bit dismayed that I chose that route. I had not the eye color nor the skin tone of a golden girl.

While she was known to take one aside and give a bit of unwanted advice, I don’t think anyone doubted her good intentions. She wanted only the best for her family and gave her best whether she made a favorite dish for a holiday meal, sent a special card, gave a word of encouragement, spent hours on a hand-crocheted afghan, prom dress or even a wedding gown

If you were excited about something, she wanted to be in on the fun. She loved life.

Happy Birthday, Mom, you’re never forgotten.