Ruby Fruit

I could see them from the swing, first pale, then growing red as the days went by. When I saw the tree quivering in late afternoon I knew it was time to make our move. Early the next day we maneuvered the pick-up into position. My place had feet firmly planted on the ground gathering every ripe cherry I could reach or holding the bowl for harvest. Hubby climbed into the bed of the truck, regaled me with stories of youthful cherry picking at his grandmother’s house and picked from as many branches as he could pull down. I can’t be sure, but I think he was taste sampling for ripeness along the way!

In the nearby trees squirrels ran back and forth scolding us for taking what they thought was theirs. And then robins came and boldly stole the fruit above our heads. It was a good first picking with jelly and cobbler rewards and we are grateful for our abundant crop.


It is hard to know if there will be a second picking, the tree quivers and branches bow under the weight of other fruit loving creatures determined to share our bounty!