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The lilies of my field

I consider how they grow…”they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matt. 6:28-29

So true, for such a small investment of my time and effort, they bloom glory. For one day.


I consider that a bloom could be an analogy for each life. In the view of millennia, we each are a bloom to open in magnificent splendor for our day. Be luminous where you are planted; the world needs the color and wonder of you!

Garden Memory

In my earliest memory I am in the backyard of my family’s first home. Clutching a doll or softie, I am crouched low watching a tiny rivulet running through the grass exposing earth and pebbles. I am quite content, alone in my wonder.

I shared this memory with my older sister a while back musing over the tall trees that enclosed this private world. There was a long quiet. Finally she said, “We didn’t have big trees but you were so small I guess they would seem tall to you.”


The truth doesn’t change my memory and the photo verifies that trees and shrubs could have seemed quite tall to me. I’m glad for that place and time where the earth came with child-sized river and pebbles, grass and trees captured my soul with wonder.

There were many gardens in my childhood memories. My city Grandparents raised beds of flowers and grape arbor invited games of balance on the curbing.


My Uncle’ country property was carpeted in early summer with dandelions to be picked for Grandmother’s wine making. I remember in late summer the hum of bees and the scent of ripe apples and pears waiting to be gathered and preserved.

After we moved, the next door neighbor’s garden behind the aged picket fence intrigued me with its terraced hill, willow tree and fish pond.

My memories of our first home are few but I would often hear my Mother refer back to that yard in a kind of wonder – “You could grow anything there.” Usually this was followed by a litany of flowers and victory garden offerings that where in great contrast to the yard around us where constant coaxing and composting produced only modest years in the clay that surrounded the house.

I had no complaints for there are wonderful memories of play there. The overhanging roof along the dining room dripped a channel in the grass and a bridge from an old aquarium crossed its pebbled banks and dollhouse people ventured there on outings. And there was an odd space on the top of our un-terraced hill that my brother cleared for a sandbox. One could feel hidden, so far above the world there! I also remember sheet and blanket tents hung from clothesline and a bridal wreath bush that became a flowery haven providing crowns for the princesses in the short bloom season.

Then all too soon we were too big for such play and retreated to the front porch with games and books to wile away the summer days. But magic still happened and I remember the year the mimosa tree had grown to be seen from my bedroom window. When I woke, the delicate pink puffs seemed to be a floating cloud accompanied by bird song.

The gardening activities of those times involved picking flowers, gathering mint for summer tea, scattering 4 o’clock seeds (where they were not wanted – but they were so easy to gather!), dispatching Japanese beetles and picking an occasional weed. These were hardly activities to prepare me for tending a garden but truly those which blessed my soul and laid the foundation for a life of enjoyment in gardens.




Sometimes, they are still. I needed to use the photo program to bring them in this close for you. Such tiny birds! They truly hum with their wings.

We can recognize several different birds this year. One is never still and hovers the whole feeding time; another bird lights nearby and after looking all around, comes and sits still to drink. She almost always chirps a bit after feeding as if to say how much she enjoyed the treat. And another we call “Dip and Sip” for her constant in and out motion – so amazing to watch them fly backward! Only the mature male has the ruby throat. He will usually sit still and drink.

We were blessed to have rain yesterday and this morning the whole yard was alive with song to enjoy as I waited to photograph these little marvels.

Ruby Fruit

I could see them from the swing, first pale, then growing red as the days went by. When I saw the tree quivering in late afternoon I knew it was time to make our move. Early the next day we maneuvered the pick-up into position. My place had feet firmly planted on the ground gathering every ripe cherry I could reach or holding the bowl for harvest. Hubby climbed into the bed of the truck, regaled me with stories of youthful cherry picking at his grandmother’s house and picked from as many branches as he could pull down. I can’t be sure, but I think he was taste sampling for ripeness along the way!

In the nearby trees squirrels ran back and forth scolding us for taking what they thought was theirs. And then robins came and boldly stole the fruit above our heads. It was a good first picking with jelly and cobbler rewards and we are grateful for our abundant crop.


It is hard to know if there will be a second picking, the tree quivers and branches bow under the weight of other fruit loving creatures determined to share our bounty!

Strawberry Season

This warm spring brought the strawberries weeks early and we nearly missed them!

Since we don’t grow our own strawberries anymore, it was easy to miss the season of harvest. We had a rush to get the last of the crop for feasting and preserving!


I love making jams. Winter treats and gifts await!

Sleeping in on Sunday

No, not me, but this one…


It is amazing to me how bees just seem to hang out on a flower for bed. Perhaps he is dreaming of foxgloves. Then, four minutes later, at eight o’clock, he is busy working through the bed of them before moving on.

I miss our maple tree downed in last year’s storms and the branches stripped from the survivors. The early morning swing is not so inviting this year. But the sun moves swiftly in its course and soon I will enjoy some afternoon reading against it’s cushions.


May you enjoy some rest this Sunday.