Hello again!

It seems to happen. The ‘perfect’ posts, saved, go missing. Changes will need to be made on this end!

Today, I start to make up for some lost musings and offer garden updates. The hummingbirds have returned; I had forgotten how very tiny they are. The yard has been alive with bluebirds, cardinals, catbirds and wrens nesting about. And, I suppose the nuthatches, finches and tufted titmice that come to the feeders are nesting as well. Most stay hidden in the growing canopy, out of reach of the resident hawks.


With rain last week and again last night everything is lush, including the weeds! I enjoyed my early walk around.

I am making some progress in rearranging gardens. Last week a friend gifted me with new to me plants and Monday my sister brought daylilies and new perennial begonias. The begonias thrive for her and barely hang on by a leaf here. Perhaps these offerings will be happy here.


Mr. Toad seems to have safely migrated across the yard to forage under the hydrangeas. This time I was quiet.


This was first harvest and the garden is coming along. It was a bit hot so the spinach is beginning to run to seed but we are enjoying it along with the first peas and lettuces too.