I am a dreamer…

…daydreams, night time dreams. Daydreams can keep reality in check with chores undone, lessons unlearned and thoughts unchecked sometimes giants are slain and beauty grown. Night dreams can be veiled curious and strange or movie theater clear.

A while ago I had a dream. I was walking up a circular staircase carrying a box. The staircase reminded me of the steep, narrow steps in a lighthouse with windows high in the walls. In the dream I seemed to be talking with someone behind me about painting the walls when suddenly I was stuck. The passageway had become too narrow and that narrowing prevented me from even turning in retreat.


Eventually I think to ask the one behind me for advice and the knowing came to slide the box down onto the step before me where it just fits. Another question to my companion – step on it or attempt to step over it? And I know to step up on the box of past and use it to go farther up the stairs. And in my dreaming, I do. And everything is brighter.

Dreams instruct and I look inside to see what should be in the box and left behind so that I can climb up a step or three into a brighter place.