Cold, grey days make me feel like I’m in a hermitage with stacks of books and fabric, coffee, bubbling soup and bread baking cozy wrapped around my days.

But today the icy fingers and fog give way.


The burning off stirs me out for an airing, an adventure to see what the fresh light illuminates. First the grocer and stocking up for more rainy prospects and then the library for more books. One becomes a companion at a simple lunch in a sunny window. I’m amazed how quickly the time passes in its warmth.

At the road, I make the choice of a long drive home. In the wonderful late afternoon light, I smile at the silent camaraderie of the many who have also stopped along the drive to drink in the serenity of the lake. A few minutes to linger and then I continue on enjoying the winter beauty of the familiar drive and I laugh out loud at the four dogs lined up by size to wait for their people. I am a simple adventurer today.