Monthly Archives: January 2012

Saying grace today

Yesterday I posted about my lingering lunch with a good book in a sunny window and my decision for a leisurely drive home by the lake.

Today’s news recounts police action, a multi vehicle crash, injuries and a fatality in the time, on the road, and in the space I would have travelled had I taken the direct route.

I sit and tremble in awe and gratitude for life and safety.


Cold, grey days make me feel like I’m in a hermitage with stacks of books and fabric, coffee, bubbling soup and bread baking cozy wrapped around my days.

But today the icy fingers and fog give way.


The burning off stirs me out for an airing, an adventure to see what the fresh light illuminates. First the grocer and stocking up for more rainy prospects and then the library for more books. One becomes a companion at a simple lunch in a sunny window. I’m amazed how quickly the time passes in its warmth.

At the road, I make the choice of a long drive home. In the wonderful late afternoon light, I smile at the silent camaraderie of the many who have also stopped along the drive to drink in the serenity of the lake. A few minutes to linger and then I continue on enjoying the winter beauty of the familiar drive and I laugh out loud at the four dogs lined up by size to wait for their people. I am a simple adventurer today.

Star Gazing


I can’t seem to get enough of gazing into these beautiful flowers. We have been enjoying this hydrangea since before Christmas. I would so love to have this Shooting Star growing in my garden – earthbound stars in moonlight glow.

Looking back to go forward

Leafing through a book at the library the other day, I noted the idea of making a mini booklet to highlight an accomplishment or happy for each month of the previous year. My daughter does a photo re-cap of her year so I followed her lead and looked through my year of photographic memories. While not every month captured a major accomplishment, I was so pleased to put the year in perspective and realize how my word for last year – see – had been fulfilled in the things accomplished.

See, of course, is foundational to any New Year.


I’m keeping my camera handy.


Happy New Year

I’ve read some posts the last several years on choosing a word or words to frame the coming year. Recently I read the added suggestion of choosing a picture to focus your view. I’ve been pondering these thoughts and the words that seem to have chosen me are Fearless, Joy-filled, and Colorful. I liked the idea of a picture but had no idea of how a picture could represent this.

As I sat at the table this morning and gazed out into the early morning light I was astonished to see robins pecking away at the frozen birdbath. I smiled and thought, The perfect picture!


If you are interested in this concept please read Bonnie’s post