Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas Apron

The kitchen floor bore silent witness to the mayhem.

chop fine

add gradually

sift together, stir, mix well

beat in, stir in, blend thoroughly, combine, beat till fluffy

boil, cool, melt

scrape, scoop, drop, spread, shape, mold, turn out, roll out, cut

cover, chill, let sit overnight

bake, let cool

while hot, pour on glaze

Perhaps you recognize these terms as instructions for creating cookies, cakes, breads or pies, some of those special taste delights of the Christmas season.


Sometimes, however, they might seem like descriptions of how you or I might feel treated or treat others during this season of wonder and awe. No wonder the tart response to showing off an apron creation – “Christmas should wear an apron!”


So I work to remind myself as I go about to wear my inner apron to serve a smile of kindness, a cup of comfort, glad tidings to the weary or a blessing of peace to the fearful. Things might get messy like my kitchen floor, but the results can be sweet.

This Christmastide I too wish for you “that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”   3John3

Hard frosty morning

I woke early and looked out the window into the still starry darkness. I love the stars in their travels through the sky. As first light came it seemed the grass was white with frost so I checked the temperature with my personal thermometer, yes, the rhododendron leaves were curled down against the cold. As the sun continued its rise, the glory of the hard frost sparkled everywhere. One must see it quickly!


Then bundled against the cold I set off for breakfast time. As I settle into the booth, I tell him I’ve brought some ‘home light’. He slowly views my captured images and I wish for a large screen view to wake the others here to the miracle of light on a hard frost morning. Hope for the light to shine into all our cold, hard places to transform the day.