Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sea steps


Have you ever stood on the hard packed sand at the edge of the sea? It seems so solid and supportive, till the incoming tide waves wrap around you and retreat carrying the sand from beneath your feet leaving you unsteady, off-kilter and hurriedly seeking sure footing. But all is sand and its constant shifting in wind and water.

Life can be like that too. I think I have firm footing but a wave of change comes and unsettles me and I turn and struggle to run and miss the beauty and power of it.


Rainy Day Smiles

I was hurried. Earlier vehicle failure had rearranged my time and rain had added to the unpleasantness of inconvenience. As I went about, the rain cleared leaving fall cool. At one stop, my attention was on the parking lot traffic but as I walked along I caught a glimpse of color. A discarded leaf lay there like a love note left for me. And I noticed that my day was much brighter than before.