Monthly Archives: April 2011

Spring Joys!


The rising temperatures of spring bring bird song and light, changing our view to fresh green and bright color. Spring is a gift that still lightens our spirits, lightens our days and stirs us to brighten the world about us.

When I was very young, there was a great flurry of activity each spring. Windows where thrown open and cleaned. Draperies were changed, walls were washed and sometimes freshly painted, carpets were changed out and floors had the wax renewed. Everyone was energized, everything was lightened. 

Housekeeping customs have changed in many ways and I am grateful! But there is still that inner stirring, a nesting instinct, to clean, clean out, throw open the windows and to make things fresh; in our homes, our gardens, our wardrobes!  

But while we are lightening our homes, our wardrobe, our gardens – how about our dispositions? In the freshening, I find some dusty, actually rather grim and dirty attitudes lurking in the corners of my soul; petty things that had loomed so large in the shadowy light of the winter gloom. Now seen in the light of the Word, I find no use for them.  Now is the time to lighten up, to cast off negative attitudes and sing a new song of praise to our God.

LORD, shine the light of Your Word into every corner of my soul. Help me to let go of old ideas, grimy thoughts, and strongholds of judgments and other rotten sin that I may be found clean and pure and without spot or wrinkle or any other thing that displeases you. Let the fresh breath of Your Spirit blow through my attitudes changing and renewing my mind. Put a new song in my heart. And Lord Jesus, help me to see with fresh eyes the beauty of the colorful members of Your body.  Amen.


A door closes

My friend Mary has slipped through the door from this world. And I am left standing with her fingerprints still gently touching my soul. She was the best of mentors – real and kind yet challenging and our relationship slipped into the lovely friendship of kindred spirits. I learned so much from her. I am grateful for the memory of her voice, her shining eyes and ready smile, they still encourage me.

The flowers appear on the earth…

“…the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.          Song 2:12.

After the long, cool, rainy beginning of spring, green is galloping up the hills. Glowing in the early morning sun, dogwood blossoms uncurl slowly. Rhododendrons show pink promise, there is excitement in the air. I stop in my garden chores and watch the new kids leaping, racing on tiny sure feet. I find myself grinning, catching their exuberance in life, I’m energized.